Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Indy Bound-- Part 1: Good Breakfast, Bad Rest Area

  We drove to Sue and Paul's house in Long lake, Illinois, and I put my stuff on board their RV.  Paul's brother John arrived and we left for that big old race at 7:15 a.m..  We made a stop for gas at a Pilot station in Indiana along I-65.  I decided to have a go at a Wendy's breakfast (I didn't even know Wendy's served breakfast).  It is mighty good.

Along the way I saw a milk truck container with two cow statues on top and the words "We Got Milk & MOOORE.  Kind of liked that one.

We stopped to change drivers again at what probably has to rank as the rankest, worst rest area I've ever been to.  Certainly not a good reflection on the State of Indiana.  Sue had to navigate a series of potholes that make even those in Chicago after a long hard winter look small.

Then, the bathrooms were closed and they had some mighty smelly and gross port-a-potties lined up outside.  A lot of school kids were at the stop and their teachers were trying to get the girls to use those port-a-potties and those girls were surely grossed out.

Hey, Indiana, ya gotta clean 'em out once in awhile.  I had to go, so held my breath and tried not to look and managed to get out without gagging.

Not Exactly a Hoosier Welcome.  --RoadDog

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