Monday, October 6, 2014

North Carolina's "The Rocks"-- Part 3: Two Notables Buried at Wilmington's Oakdale Cemetery

The man who engineered and oversaw the construction of "The Rocks" which closed off New Inlet, the favored blockade-runner point is buried at Oakdale Cemetery in Wilmington, Henry Bacon, Sr..  So is his son, who is notable for another architectural gem in Washington, D.C..

That son is Henry Bacon, Jr., who designed many important buildings, but his best known one is the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C..

Most of the family is buried at Oakdale Cemetery as well.  All buried in Section D, Lot 20, but the last one.

HENRY BACON, SR.:Born August 17, 1822 in Natick, Massachusetts.  Died April 12, 1891

HENRY BACON, JR.:Born Nov. 28, 1866 in Watseka, Illinois.  Died Feb. 16, 1924 in New York, NY.

ELIZABETH KELTON BACON: Mother of Henry, Jr., James, Katherine and George:   Born Oct. 26, 1831, in Massachusetts.  Died May 12, 1912, in Winchester, Massachusetts.

JAMES HAYWOOD BACON: Born 1859 in Chicago.  Died Jan. 4, 1924 in New York.

KATHERINE BACON McKAY:  Born 1858 in Chicago.  Died Oct. 17, 1949, in Wilmington.

WILLIAM BERRY McKAY, Katherine's husband.  Born 1852 in Wilmington.  Died Nov. 16, 1928.

GEORGE FISHER BACON:  1862-1884.  I did not find out where he was buried.

A Family That Did Some Moving.  --RoadDog

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