Saturday, October 4, 2014

More Stuff to See Along Illinois' Route 66

From the August 22, 2014, Route 66 News.

Being a firm fan of Illinois' stretch of Route 66 (and my second favorite stretch after Missouri) I was interested in seeing this article.  The Illinois Route 66 Byway project is planning new wayside kiosks and shadow statues along the route from Godley to Staunton.

GODLEY--  Miner and mule for its mining operations.

ELWOOD--  Rosie the Riveter for the Elwood Arsenal factory

PONTIAC--  Motorcycle police at the State Police HQ.

McLEAN--  Dixie gas attendant.

ELKHART--  Shirley Temple to commemorate her visit to the House By the Side of the Road Cafe in 1930.

SHERMAN--  Wayside Park


BENLD--   Coliseum Ballroom dancers

STAUNTON--  Illinois Traction System--  electric railroad before Route 66 was there.

Just a Bunch More to See.  --RoadDog

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