Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Well, we have now missed it.  Most Americans think, including me, that Oktoberfest takes place in October because of the name.  But actually, it doesn't.for most of its run.  It is actually from late September to the first weekend in October.

From the September 25, 2014, Lake County (Il.) Suburban Life.

What do folks look forward to during Oktoberfest?  "Great food, abundant drinks and festive music" are the biggies for most, including myself.

Generally it is considered an adults-only party.

"Oktoberfest is the world's longest fair, running for sixteen days from late September to the first weekend in October.  More than six million people from around the world attend the event in Munich, Germany, each year.  Smaller Oktoberfest parties are held elsewhere."

I have often thought that I sure would like to go to Munich for it, but have heard the prices are astronomical, crowds huge and a big head of foam is considered the only way to drink one of those huge steins.  I don't like overpriced or big crowds and definitely hate having a big head of foam as that is beer you pay for but can't drink.

We are starting to have a lot of them around here, including the annual one in Fox Lake, Illinois, which is why the weather was so cold and miserable around here on October 4th.  Every year we get that extra shot of crummy weather thanks to it, like the Round Lake spring carnival brings in May.

But, I am a huge fan of the German oom-pah music and polkas.

Maybe, One Day, Munich.  --RoadDog

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