Thursday, October 30, 2014

IHSA Football Showdowns: How Winners Are Determined

Now, you have the teams playing each other in both the Route 66-Lincoln Highway and the US-14-US-12 Showdowns.

There are same schools playing in both Showdowns.

In the 66-Lincoln Showdown both roads go through Joliet and Plainfield.  The teams representing both roads: Joliet West (8A), Plainfield East and Plainfield North (7A) and Joliet Catholic (5A).

In the 12-14 Showdown both roads go through Arlington Heights and Palatine.  Those teams are Fremd (Palatine) and Palatine (8A), Hersey (Arlington Heights) (7A) and St. Viator (Arlington Heights) (5A).  US-12 enters Illinois at the Indiana border, but I am only counting the teams in the Northwest suburbs where I live.

Winning roads determined by last man standing.  The winner is the road that still has one or more teams in the playoffs after all the ones from the other have been eliminated.Last yearthe Lincoln Highway and US-12 won.


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