Friday, October 3, 2014

North Carolina's "The Rocks"-- Part 2: A Mighty Big Crab

"The Rocks" are a pile of rocks (hence the name) covered with some sort of outer surface, perhaps asphalt, but in places the outer covering has broken down and fallen in, making for some dangerous passing to avoid the jumbled rocks.  There are usually some people fishing or crabbing off them and some just walking.

It is probably almost a mile out to Zeke's Island, maybe more.  We have never walked it ourselves, but my parents did way back in the late 1940s and said it is a long way.

I remember one time when our grandfather was fishing and got his line snagged on a rock out in the water.  He wanted Bob or me to go out and unsnag it, but we had just caught a huge blue crab out near it so neither of us would go out there to unsnag it.  Those big pincers and toes would not be a good combination we reasoned.  Grandfather was not happy when he had to cut his line.

And, besides, perhaps that big ol' blue crab had family out there who now had a vendetta against our family.

We'll Take a Pass on the Big Pincers.  --RoadDog

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