Friday, October 10, 2014

It's Homecoming Weekend Around Here

Local Johnsburg High School is having their homecoming game tonight at their field, about two miles directly south of our house.  Personally, however, I think that homecomings should always be on Saturday afternoon at the high school level.

Last night, they had their annual fireworks show and I was able to watch it from the back deck.  I will be at the game tonight.

Then, tomorrow, NIU is having their homecoming game in DeKalb and we will be there.  Always enjoy the alumni tents, the game, and especially seeing the DeKalb Footstompers playing at Lord Stanley's on Lincoln Highway downtown.  This will be their 41st time playing Northern's Homecoming and we've seen them most of those times.  You haven't lived until you've heard Dese Guys playing "Purple Haze," "Boston Store," "Vasectomy"or "NIU Sorority Bitch."

The Footstompers are a four-piece band (3 of them are original members) with guitar, drums, tuba and accordion.  And, they are fun.  We'll have to leave the game early to get a seat at Lord Stanley's (Stanley Cup, this place is a big Black Hawks place (and they are playing Saturday night).

Sunday, we will be stopping in Marengo for their Settler's Days festival parade, one of the biggest parades in northern Illinois, then, Da Bears play at 3:30.

Good Times at Homecoming.  --RoadDog

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