Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Road Work Ahead: N.C. Summer Trip 2014-- Part 24: Fort Fisher Closed

After leaving Kure Beach, N.C., we drove southward on US-421, past the "gates" of Fort Fisher which were built sometime in the 1930s, past the Fort Fisher Air Force Recreation Area (a definite perk for the military and home of a military museum) to the big reason why I am so hooked on the Civil war and history, Fort Fisher.

You might say this place has had an absolutely huge impact on my life.

Since I hadn't been there in a couple years, I was really anticipating a visit and spending some time looking at it, especially the new 150-pdr. Armstrong Gun that has been recently installed.

I prepared to pull into the parking lot, only to see a chain across it and notification that the museum and fort were closed on Mondays because of state budget problems.  Definitely not something I was looking forward to seeing.

Sadly, I drove past it.

Maybe Next Year.  --RoadDog

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