Thursday, July 18, 2013

Doing My Lincoln Highway Centennial Thing-- Part 7: No Parling Ticket

So, there we were looking at and taking pictures of that wonderful old Altgeld Hall (named after Illinois' Education Governor (and one who didn't go to prison) and I see a fella in an orange vest over looking at the cars.  Then, he takes out a book and starts writing in it and looking at license plates.

And, we had just been there may fiour-five minutes.  Had he been hiding in some bushes and watching for the parking skippers?  I hurried over to him and explained we were just taking pictures and Denny was from out of town.  Honest, we were just admiring the old building.  He was nice enough to to tear up the ticket.

We left right away and I tried to get over to Cole Hall to show what has been done to honor the five students killed by the murderer back five years ago on Valentine's Day.  But, as they used to say, "There is no way you can get there from here."  After several attempts, we gave up and drove out to the Lincoln Highway and Fatty's.

Saved Some Money At Altgeld.  --RoadDog

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