Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Help!! Knocked Down By a Double Gas Gouge in Five Days.

Two major Gas Gouges in five days have struck us here in Northeast Illinois.  And, they weren't just a few cent increase, no siree!!!  These were Big Babies.  First, it jumped from $3.54 on July 10th to $4 at some point July 11th.  And, I have heard that this 46 cents increase took place in just a minute.

Then, it dropped to $3.87 by yesterday.  This morning, every station had gas at $4.20, a 33 cents increase, again, within a minute.  I smell collusion.

I wrote quite a bit about it in my Down Da Road blog where I have also listed what Big Oil calls their Gas Gouges.  This one is the return of the infamous "Summer Driving Season" which used to result in a 5-7 cent increase over the summer, but not anymore.

How can you go driving at these prices?

GRBs At Work Again.  --RoadDog

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