Thursday, July 18, 2013

Not Saying It's Hot, But, Man Is That Heat

Heat advisory on here in northeast Illinois until tomorrow.  Temps all week in the 90s with plenty of humidity.  To make it worse, no breeze.  I can stand heat as long as the air is moving, but without it, I have instant sweat, even just sitting still.

How hot was it?

A couple days ago I had problems starting the '85 Firebird.  It was too hot to put my fingers on the key slot on the steering wheel.  Then, that steering wheel was something else.  I needed a pair of gloves, but it was too hot for that.

Any work in the yard and I have to peel the wet clothes off when I come in.

The heat is also putting a crimp in boating as it is too hot.  Fortunately, there are some slight breezes every now and again out on the lakes.

First, it was too cool in the spring, now summer has arrived full force.  Hopefully it will break by this weekend.

Something else causing problems with driving the cars, truck or boat (even the lawn tractor) is gas prices at $4.15 a gallon.  Apparently, Big Oil has decided that is the minimum they want it to insure their huge profits.  Hey, CEO needs a new McMansion.

Sittin' Here and Sweatin' Right Now.  --RoadDog

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