Saturday, July 20, 2013

Doing My Lincoln Highway Centennial Thang-- Part 8: Fatty's on Lincoln Highway

After the near parking ticket incident and not finding a way to drive anywhere near Cole Hall, Denny followed me out to Lincoln Highway (Illinois Highway 38 through Dekalb) to a favorite watering hole of ours, Fatty's.

The building originally opened in the '70s as a Mr. Steak (part of a popular chain that Liz remembered and looked it up) and has been several different places since then until becoming Fatty's about ten years ago.  It was originally located north of campus out on Greek Row.

Great food and drink specials and even better, the home of NIU Huskie athletics.  All sorts of Northern sports items around inside and the best place to watch a game if not downtown at Lord Stanley's (also on Lincoln Highway and a big Blackhawks, hockey place, getting the name Stanley from that Cup) or Huskie Stadium.  The last two years they featured a Huskie football mug with drink purchase.

I was hoping to introduce Denny to two local delights, the deep-fried Cajun Potato Salad and Beer Nuggets.

Good Eating, But Definitely Come Hungry.  --RoadDog

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