Saturday, July 6, 2013

Doing My Lincoln Highway Centennial Thang-- Part 5: Still At the Egyptian

Evidently, Dekalb, Illinois, and especially the part a block off the old Lincoln Highway by the Egyptian Theater, is a good place to be on Thursdays during the summer. 

First you now have outside dining at the Hillside Restaurant which has been there since the 1930s. That, of course, is open everyday, weather permitting.  If I recall, they're famous for their fried chicken.

Then, across the street at the park, on Thursdays, there is free music from noon to 1:30.  Unfortunately, I was too late for that.  In addition, there is also a Farmers Market on Thursdays as well.  Took a walk around the markey.

I got the hankering for some popcorn and remembered the little stand at the corner of this street and the Lincoln Highway and walked to it, but sadly, it appears to be closed.  It used to be a regular stop when I was downtown, especially when we were doing the Lincoln Crawl as we called hitting the bars downtown.  It is just a little place hanging onto the side of a building.

 I visited the Chamber of Commerce across the street in an old bank and picked up all sorts of Dekalb City and Dekalb County information.  I also like that the city has put a lot of cast iron benches along the sidewalks, just inviting a sit-for-a-spell and wait for some caravan cars.

Unfortunately, the lady in the Chamber of Commerce didn't know about the caravan coming through, nor was there mention of it in the local newspaper, The Dekalb Chronicle for June 27th.

And, I Sure Wasn't Seeing Any.  --RoadDog

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