Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some More Illinois Lincoln Highway Murals

From the March 25th Sauk

A total of 43 murals are planned for the Lincoln Highway Corridor through Illinois.

One of the new ones is in Genoa at 232 Main Street showing a horse and sled dragging a sled on a road. This was part of early efforts to smooth and pack road surfaces.

there is also a new one in Cortland at 55 West Lincoln Highway.

Both depict the Good Road Movement.

Interpretive gazebos are also being built and 16 are in place now.

Hats off to the Lincoln Highwau Coalition for these efforts to inform the public of our historic roads. I'll have to make a drive along the whole route this summer to see the murals and gazebos.

Cruisin' the Lincoln. --RoadDog

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