Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Clinton, Iowa Baseball-- Part 2: Clinton C-Sox

Minor League Baseball along the Lincoln Highway.

I never knew the WPA built ballparks, so that was interesting in itself.

Baseball was suspended for the duration of World War II.

In 1954, the park hosted the Clinton Pirates of Class D. names of teams for the last 52 years have been the Pirates, C-Sox (White Sox) , Pilots, Dodgers, Giants, padres. reds, Expos, rangers and currently is a Class A team of the Seattle Mariners called the Lumber Kings, a reflection of Clinton's lumbering past. Some local residents made huge fortunes in it.

The team has been affiliated with nine major league clubs over that period.

The Lumber Kings are the only remaining charter member of the 1954 Class A Midwest League and have operated continuously since that date.

A Great Way to Spend Some Time. --RoadDog

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