Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Apping Chicago Architecture

April 17th Chicago tribune "Historic buildings on app parade" by Blair Kamin.

The next time you're in Chicsgo and would like to learn more about the many historic buildings downtown, all you really need is an iPhone or Blackberry and get an app guided walking tour and off you go.

You can get lots of information on ten famous Chicago landmarks including the old Carson Pirie Scott, Marquette Building and the railway exchange Building.

This was put together by the Chicago-based Society for Architectural Historians as a public service for which they get no money. They have posted signs in the various lobbies with a bar code to feed the information to Web-enabled phones.

You can download the free Tag Reader App through Apple's App Store or at gettag.mobi

Of course, if you're like me and iPhones and Blackberries are alien technology, it will do you no good.

I think the same group offers walking, bus and river cruises using older technology as well. And, of course you can also book a fantastic walking tour with Chicago Route 66 expert Dave Clark by going to his Windy City Road Warrior website.

It is Always Interesting to Find Out the History Behind Those Old Buildings. --RoadDog

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