Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Bus Trip to Chicago's Wrigley Field-- Part 1

This past Tax Day, April 15th, I drowned my $5,200 additional taxes I had to pay by taking a bus trip from Antioch, Illinois, to the famed Home of the Chicago Cubs.

The week before, we had been at the Sequoit Lodge on Main Street watching the Sox and Cub season opener ($1.50 Old Style pints, free peanuts and hot dogs), and had seen a flyer for the bus trip to see the Brewers play. We used to go to Wrigley Field on a regular basis back BEFORE, but rarely go any more. We couldn't even remember the last time we went.

BEFORE refers to before Wrigley got lights and along with that, on-street parking permits. It used to be you could drive down early, do a little cruising and find free parking on the street. But no more, now you have to have a parking sticker or get towed by an outfit like Steve Goodman sang about in his "Lincoln Park Pirates." You can't afford that ripoff.

The cost was $65 apiece, but we didn't buy at the time as we wanted to wait until closer to the 15th to see what the weather was going to be like. By Tuesday, we saw forecasts of sunny, windy and temperatures in the 80s, so decided to go. Unfortunately, they had just sold the last two tickets, but we were placed on a waiting list and Wednesday were told there were two tickets available.

Going to Wrigley!! --RoadDog

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