Thursday, April 1, 2010

Carolina on My Mind 2010-- GAS GOUGE!! Get Used to It

I drove a total of 2,194 miles and averaged about 20 mpg on the truck. I need to get something with better gas mileage, however, especially with the GRBs stated intent to get gas up to $3.50+ even though gas consumption in the US is down and flat in Europe. They're using the old China/India excuse to raise it.

And, I definitely saw a gas gouge upon returning to Illinois!!


3-16 Morris, Il. $2.80
3-16 Crawfordsville, In. $2.60
3-18 Lucasville, Ohio $2.80
3-18 Wytheville, Va. $2.68
3-19 Goldsboro, NC $2.69
3-28 Wytheville, Va. $2.67
3-28 Crossville, Tn. $2.58
3-30 Springfield, Tn. $2.58
3-30 Gibson City, Il. $2.77
3-30 Dwight, Il. $2.78
3-31 Fox Lake, Il. $2.85

Gibson City had been $2.61 on the way down. Wish i had filled up in Indiana before I hit rip-you-offinois.

Gas along Illinois Highway 47 on 3-30 was $2.96 to $3.00!!! About five stations puppied out at $2.99.9 and I was just TOO DUMB to realize that was REALLY $3.

Let's See What the O-Man Does About This Latest Round of Greed and Avarice. --RoadDog

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