Monday, August 10, 2015

News From Along the Lincoln Highway: Mural in Kearney

From the May 29, 2015, Kearney (Ne) Hub "Mural to depict historic downtown Kearney's Lincon Highway."

There will be a mural on the south brick wall of Garrett Tires at 18 25th Street.

It will show a map of the United States with the Lincoln Highway on it and a Lincoln Highway sign in the corner.In the foreground of it will be black and white images of historic downtown Kearney, Nebraska, painted to look like it was being seen through a car window.

The mural costs $5,000 and will stand ten feet high and from 20-25 feet across.  Painting of it will begin June 8th and expected to take a week, weather permitting.

So, I imagine it is already there.

Every little Bit helps.  --RoadDog

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