Tuesday, August 25, 2015

N.C. Summer Trip, 2015-- Part 8: Peanuts, Gas and Classic Country in Virginia

July 21st.

On through the West Virginia Turnpike and a stop at the Virginia Welcome Center.  main reason here is the Virginia peanuts.  These are without a doubt the best peanuts I've ever had (even better than my Mt. Olive peanuts).   Plus, there are all those neat brochures, especially the Civil War ones.  (Northern Welcome Center on I-77, the one at the south border, does not have peanuts.)  It is too bad they don't sell the peanuts there.

About twenty miles from the Va. W.Va. border, I can pick up WBRF-FM out of Galax, Virginia at 98.1, Classic Country.  And, they sure do play the classic country, quite often songs I don't know.  I can keep listening to this station until I get near Greensboro, N.C...

Gas as usual at Wytheville, Virginia, always the cheapest gas on my trip.  ($2.36)

Then, the long seven mile ride down the side of the mountains (including all those runaway truck lanes) to the N.C. border.  This is a hard drive, especially because of the beautiful views down into the valley with Pilot Mountain, N.C. out in the distance.


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