Friday, August 7, 2015

Just Got Back from N.C.-- Part 2: Tacos at Burger King

As usual, I drove Il-47 south from Woodstock all the way to Mahomet as my way to avoid the Chicago Hassle.  I see that the old two-story building at the northeast corner of Il-47 and US-52 has been torn down since I last drove through there.  I believe it was a gas station, maybe a restaurant at one time, but has been vacant ever since I started driving the route.

Gas was $2.69 in Yorkville, Illinois, where I filled up as I was nearing empty  I stopped at the Burger King in Morris with intention of getting that $1.49 for ten chicken nugget deal.  I also had to get their two tacos for $1.49.  We liked the Burger King tacos when they had them awhile back as they are pretty close to those wonderful greasy Jack-in-the-Box ones.  But, sadly they stopped selling them.  Hopefully they are coming back.

From Morris to south of Dwight, I listened to 98.9 FM, playing classic oldies.  The station is WJEZ and out of Pontiac.  It is 102.9 miles from our house to Route 66 in Dwight.


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