Monday, August 24, 2015

N.C. Summer Trip 2015-- Part 7: Tailgate Radio

No problems through Ohio on US-33.  Passed by Athens, home of Ohio University and then the straightaway to West Virginia and I-77.

Approaching Charleston, West Virginia, i was seeking radio stations and came across a very interesting one called Tailgate Radio at 107.3 FM.  It bills itself as America's first tailgate party music station.  And they play music you'd expect to hear blaring over boomboxes and the like at a football tailgate party.

They play a great variety of party music from pop, hip-hop, rock, rap, country and even oldies.  Whayever is good fast, upbeat football tailgate music.  Often it is played in what they call 12-packs, groups of twelve songs.  Then, we had "Sweet Caroline."  OK, everybody do that hand thing.  I listened all the way through Charleston and considerably south.  A station I will look for next time through.

But, I have to get around to writing down the numbers of favorite stations along the drive to North Carolina as I don't always readily remember them.

there are evidently two or three other Tailgate stations: one in Florida and another in West Virginia.  I don't know if it is canned music or live deejay.

What Other Music Would You Like At Your Tailgate Party?  --RoadDog

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