Saturday, August 22, 2015

N.C. Trip Summer 2015-- Part 6: Stuck in Rush Hour Anyway.

July 21st, Tuesday.

Left the motel and had quite a wait to get out onto the road as I was right by an entrance ramp to I-70 and it was backed up with people getting on it to go yo work in Columbus to the west of me.  So, even my plans to avoid the rush hour came to naught.  And those people would not give me a chance to get over to the far lane.  Thanks, folks.  As I finally crossed over the bridge, I saw traffic on I-70 was moving very slow heading west.

It is about a 6.3 mile drive south to US-33 from I-70.  Once on it, it is almost a freeway.  There are only three stoplights between where I got on and Lancaster and anywhere from 60 to 70 mph.  Not much traffic heading southeast like I was.

There are large stretches of limited access four lane highway as well, but the only drawback being the near constant changing of speed limits from 55 to 60 to 70.  Made it a bit hard to use the cruise control.

As usual, I got gas at Dogwood Crossing in Rockbridge, Ohio..  Usually the cheapest along this stretch.  You want to have a full tank getting across West Virginia which is usually almost as high as the Chicago area when it comes to gas prices.

Surprisingly, there are even two rest areas on this stretch of road.  You usually don't see these on U.S. Highways.--RoadDog

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