Thursday, February 7, 2013

US Highway 20

From the Oct. 15, 2012, Metro West Daily News "Route 20: A road through time" by Chris Bergeron of Milford Daily News.

Thirty-six-year-old Bryan Farr is a self-described "Road Geek."  In 2010, he drove all 3,365 miles of US Highway 20 from Boston's Kenmore Square to Newport, Oregon, and back again, and along the way "found America the way it used to be."

It is America's longest highway and Farr drove it mostly on rural roads.  He recently formed the US Route 20 Association with four other Route 20 enthusiasts and they have a website and Facebook page.

Parts of the road can be traced back to old Indian trails.  During the American Revolution, Henry Knox (the country's first secretary of War) transported cannons to Boston along the road.  In Illinois, it is called the U.S. Grant Highway as it goes through Grant's home town before the war, Galena.

A new book is coming out called "A Journey Through History Across America's Longest Highway" by B.T. Farr.

One of my favorite roads.  I've taken it across much of Illinois and Iowa.

Another Great Road.  --RoadDog

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