Thursday, February 7, 2013

Driving the Mohawk Trail in Massachusetts

From the Oct. 4, 2012, New York Times by Mark Vanhoenacker.

The Mohawk Trail straddles the Berkshire Mountains.  "Instead of endless straight miles, think countless, joyful curves, inviting side roads, mountain streams and, in the fall, crimson foliage...For America's highway-hungry soul, the Mohawk Trail is a slow food, low-mileage feast."  Pretty nice words about it.

Construction on it began in 1912 and it opened in 1914, a gravel road just 14 feet across.

It was a top honeymoon destination in the 1920s and today is part of Route 2.  Most people consider teh very best miles of the trail are between North Adams and Greenfield, about 37 miles.

For more information, there is the Mohawk Trail Association at

Looks Like Another Good One to Drive.  --RoadDog

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