Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Cape San Blas Lighthouse-- Part 4: The Skeleton

After recovering the pieces of the lighthouse from the wrecked ship, the new 98-foot tall facility was built 1500 feet from that troublesome shore.  However, by 1898, it was just 144 feet from the gulf.  Congress provided $20,000 to move it with a desired site 1.5 miles away, but they couldn't get the desired property so it remained where it was.

Yet another storm damaged the tower and left it standing in the water.  A decision was made to dismantle it and rebuild it on Block Island, but funds for that project ran out.  Then, they decided to move it farther north on the cape before the beach surprisingly started to build up again, so they just left it until a 1916 hurricane destroyed the new beach and they moved it a quarter mile from the shore to its present location.

That should have been the end of my blogging about the Cape San Blas Lighthouse, but no, there's more.

Talk About You Sea Problems.  --RoadDog

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