Saturday, February 9, 2013

Chicago's Monadnock Building: World's First Skyscraper

From the Yahoo! News Contributor Network by Michelle Burton.

Most people today walk right by it, but it was once the tallest building in the world.  Nearby Sears Tower (not that other name) became the tallest in 1974 and completely dwarfs the Monadnock Building which stands just 16 stories.

It was built in two phases with the first completed in 1891 and is unique today because of its weight-bearing masonry walls that are six feet thick at the base.  The southern part is built of the more common steel covered with terra cotta..

It was designed by noted Chicago architect John W. Root and stands at 53 W. Jackson Boulevard.  That would be Route 66!!!

The first time I became aware of this building was on a walking tour with Dave Clark who knows probably more than anyone about Chicago architecture and Route 66 in the city.  He offers tours and they are extremely informative if you can keep up with him.  You can contact him at his Windy City Road Warrior site.

Up In The Sky, It's a Monadnock.  --RoadDog

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