Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tin Can Tourists Trekking to Kearney

From the October 16, 2012, Kearney (Neb) by Mike Konz.

Don't be surprised to see vintage camper trailers and motor coaches around Kearney, Nebraska toward the end of June in 2013.  They're on their way to celebrate the Lincoln Highway's 100th anniversary June 30-July 1.

There will also be a Packard owners group and a Scandinavian car club.

Te Tin Can Tourist group has some 1000 members and so far, ten have signed up to bring their vehicle, but around 30 are expected,  They will be setting up "camp" at the Buffalo County Fairgrounds.  They will leave Haysville, Ohio, June 22, 2013, and make their way west.

The American Bus Association has designated the Lincoln Highway Centennial celebration as one of the Top 100 events of 2013.

It's Gonna Be a Hot Time in the Old Town.  --RoadDog

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