Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lincoln Highway's Carl Fisher and Miami Beach's First Whale

From Curbed Miami "Lincoln Highway Living Like Carl Fisher, Miami Beach's First Whale."

"Carl Fisher, the real estate speculator and automobile man, could easily claim the title of Miami Beach's first whale."

He started Indy 500, the Lincoln Highway and the Dixie Highway, which he had built to get people to his Miami Beach where he had speculated and was waiting to make big bucks.

He never thought small, but big, bigger and biggest.  He had a pet elephant named Rosie, a chain of luxury hotels across from Miami Beach, golf courses and a main street named Lincoln Road and had the Dixie Highway paved right up to the foot of the Collins Bridge to Miami Beach.

In 1927, he decided to replace his first Miami Beach house on the ocean with an even bigger one.  This new house was called "The Shadows" and had a big observation tower which he used to show people how wonderful his land was., a double grand staircase, 4 car garage, a pool and boathouse.    It was just a mere 21,000 square feet.

At one point, this man had over $100 million, but lost it all in the Great Depression.  He had to sell "The Shadows" and eventually died almost penniless in a small home in Miami Beach.

I was unable to find out if "The Shadows" still stands or what the writer meant  by calling Fisher a whale.

An Interesting person to Say the Least.  --RoadDog

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