Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Living On Tupelo Time

Even more on this honey that I didn't know.

The Apalachicola River in the Florida Panhandle is the center for US tupelo honey production.  In a good year, producers can take in $1,000,000.

There is a restaurant called the Tupelo Honey Cafe in Asheville, NC. 

I'm thinking about checking out some local grocery stores or specialty places to see if they have it as I'm getting a hankering for some you-know-what.

Plus, you can order Tupelo Honey online from Smiley Apiaries.  You can get four 2-ounce Hex Jars for $12 or a better deal, 16-ounce Hex Jar for $8.50 (but I think they are sold out).

I'm Not a Big Honey Fan, But...   --RoadDog

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