Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ten of America's Most Haunted Homes-- Part 1

From the October 16, 2012, Yahoo! Homes/Zillow by Erica Riggs.

A bit too late for Halloween, but might still scare you.

Creaking floors, inexplicable cold drafts and eerie sounds.  If that's your thing, here are ten places to check out.

1.  WINCHESTER HOUSE--  San Jose, California.  Something about the widow of William Winchester of rifle fame.

2.  GARDETTE-LaPRETE HOUSE--  716 Dauphine Street, New Orleans, Louisiana.  Site of one of the grisliest murders in the city's history.

3.  HAMPTON LILLIBRIDGE--  507 East St. Julian Street, Savannah, Georgia. It was moved to its current site, but in doing so, a crypt was discovered.

I'm Won't be Staying In Any of These.  --RoadDog (ScaredyDog)

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