Thursday, February 2, 2017

Well, It's Groundhog Day...Again-- Part 2; To Prognosticate or Not

In a few minutes I might be heading out the door for Woodstock, about 18 miles away, where Woodstock Willie will be making his prognostication at 7:07 a.m..

Chicago musician Corky Siegel (Siegel-Schwall Band) is scheduled to play before Willie gets pulled out.  In the past, there has also been a polka-oompah band.

But, it is 11 degrees right now and supposed to drop some more with a bit of a wind.  I am not sure that I want to go stand out in it.  So I might not go for the prognostication.

Afterwards, the Moose Lodge in Woodstock (where the dance/auction was held in the movie) is hosting a breakfast, but I am thinking of breakfast at Papa G's on the Square (which was considered for the Tip-Top Cafe at one time before it ended up at another place across the Square).

That, of course, if I go for the prognostication.

Bob Hudgins, who was largely responsible for the movie being filmed in Woodstock, will lead a walk to movie filming sites at 9 a.m..  Then at 10 a.m., there will be a showing of the movie itself at the Woodstock Theatre in the Harold Ramis Theater.  That is free.  Harold Ramis was the director and co-wrote the story.

If, I don't go for the prognostication, I will go for the movie and afterwards eat at the Mexican restaurant which is where  the Tip-Top Cafe was in the movie.  I always try to sit in the nook where they sat.

Make Me a Movie Star.  --RoadDog

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