Monday, February 6, 2017

News From Along Route 66, January 2017: From Fires to Burros to Bridges

These are from the Route 66 News site. They have just about one thing on the old road every day along with pictures and much more information.  I just do the ones of particular interest to me, especially anything about Illinois, where I live.

JANUARY 3--  There was damage to the Parkview Pub in Bloomington, Illinois, but they hope to be reopened by the summer.  The fire took place in October and was so bad, they had to demolish what was left.  They will rebuild.  It is on the 1930-1940 Route 66 alignment and was open since 1928.  It was reportedly the oldest restaurant still located on the same spot.

JANUARY 4--  Illinois Route 66 motorcycle license plates have gone on sale.

JANUARY 5--  There is the question of what should be done with Oatman's burros.  There are just too many.  Hopefully, though, they will retain their presence.  That is something real different.

JANUARY 5--  The fate of the Gasconade Bridge near Lebanon, Missouri, was the dominant topic in a meeting.

Let's hope  they choose to save it on its site.

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