Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sitting Here At the Munger-Moss Motel-- Part 13: A Visit With Rich Henry at His Rabbit Ranch


**  Drove by the Church of the Neon Light and the site of the Meramec Caverns barn and got off at the Staunton, Illinois, exit and drove the old Illinois Hwy 4, which became the original Route 66.

**  DeCamp Junction was closed again.  We never seem to be able to catch this place open.  We think we might have seen a for sale sign as we drove by.

**  We actually found Rich Henry's Rabbit Ranch without driving around a lot.  We usually do not find this place right away.

**  Rich was raking leaves and came over to introduce us to his outside rabbits, many of them rescues.  He knew the history of each one.  Then we went inside and met the inside rabbits.  We often met the queen of Rich's rabbits, Montana, who would personally autograph postcards of herself (by biting it).  It was funny when he put her into the presidential race.  Perhaps she could have beaten the Donald.

**  Rich was a big reason we got hooked on Route 66 as his was the first regular Mother Road place we went to on our first trip along the road back in 2002.

See What You Did, Rich!!  --RoadDog

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