Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sitting Here At the Munger-Moss Motel-- Part 17: Those Wonderful Springfield Stoplights


**  Continental breakfast in the lobby, then over to Wal-Mart, across the road.  I love going to landscaping nurseries this early in spring.  It means winter is over.  Later, I went to Mel-O-Cream, a real Springfield treat, for a donut and coffee.

**  Drove Route 66 out of Springfield and caught nearly every one of their many, many, many stoplights red.  Sure made my day.

**  Got on I-55 north of Sherman and stayed on it to Atlanta.  We had never gotten off at the Atlanta exit from I-55, and it was a bit confusing and strange looking for a bit.  We were able to find main street without much difficulty (small town, you know).

**  We went to the  Palms Grill Cafe.  Atlanta is a town that really pushes its Route 66 heritage and this is a big example of it.  The place was a mainstay of the town for decades before closing.  It has been renovated to look as it did in the 1940s.  a real trip back into time.


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