Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sitting Here At the Munger-Moss Motel-- Part 10: Saying Goodbye to Ramona and Hello to Chester's Chicken


**  Had coffee and talked with Ramona in the lobby of the Munger-Moss.  Caught up on my blogs and then left, saying goodbye to Ramona.  Again congratulated her on owning the Munger-Moss for 45 years.  that is a long time to do anything.

**  She says they would like to retire, but will not sell to just anybody.  The people have to be committed to continuing the motel as it is.

**  They bought the place in 1971, after a particularly hard winter in their native Iowa.

**  We drove Route 66 awhile going east, but got back on I-44, getting off at Exit 163 to get gas at the Road Ranger which I had seen was $1.86.  Filled up.

**  I saw that they had a Subway and, even better, a Chester's Chicken place.  We became hooked on Chester's fried chicken at a little place across from the Driftwood Inn in Panama City Beach, Florida, that sold it.  Unfortunately, they stopped selling it.

It is my belief that Chester's fried chicken is the juiciest and tastiest anywhere.  We had to get a two-piece snack pack and it sure brought back some taste memories.

Mouthwatering Good.  --RoadDog

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