Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sitting Here At the Munger-Moss Motel-- Part 11: Hooker Cut and John's Modern Cabins


**  Boy, that Chester's Chicken is good.  Wish they had more of them.  Usually there are only a few in any given state  if at all.

**  Exit 163 is also by the entrance to the Hooker Cut section of old Route 66, now called Highway Z.  As  have said before, Hooker Cut is my absolute favorite stretch of Route 66.  Drove through it and felt the ghosts driving through there.

**  We also stopped by the sad John's Modern Cabins.  Every year we see them, they have decayed a bit more.  All of the cabins are now down and in various stages of decay.  But, it is still a reminder of what Route 66 was.  The vegetation has about taken it over as well.

**  It is also sad to see Verneille's Motel, which evidently is still open and appears to be well-kept up.  I'd like to stay there sometime.

**  This stretch of road marks the death of two highways.  Not only was it Route 66 before being by-passed by I-44, but also there is a stretch of I-44 through there that has also been abandoned.


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