Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sitting Here At the Munger-Moss Motel-- Part 12: Eating Our Way Across Route 66


**  Back on I-44 and drove to Rolla and got off to do Route 66 through it.  This city has a whole lot, I mean a whole lot of stoplights to go with lots of traffic.  Don't know that I am going to do this again.

**  Of course, another stop at the Jack-in-the-Box (Jack's) in Sullivan (even though we weren't hungry after the Chester's Chicken back at St. Robert's.

**  Back on I-44 and decided to take I-270 around St. Louis so we could see the Chain of Rocks Bridge.  I was getting tired so we took a break at a McDonald's in Florissant, a suburb in the northwest side of St. Louis.  I decided to buy three of their cookies for $1.

I was told I had to wait as they were just baking them.  In the future I will be very happy to wait for the cookies as they were some of the best I've ever eaten.  The chocolate chips were gooey.  One of Liz's cookies fell apart.

**  Drove by the Chain of Rocks Bridge on the I-270 Bridge, a great way to get a true glimpse of the grandeur of the Chain Bridge.

**  Into Illinois on I-270 and got off on I-55.

Cookie Monster Would Love This.  --RoadDog

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