Thursday, May 5, 2016

Sitting Here At the Munger-Moss Motel-- Part 15: A Visit to Costelloe's


**  On the way to Missouri, I had picked up a copy of the Illinois Times, a newspaper about things happening in Springfield, Illinois.  There was an ad for a new place that had just opened called Costelloe's out to the west of town.  There was also one in Chatham, near Springfield.

We used to go to a popular Springfield restaurant called Coz's.  We also found out that Coz's was owned by the brother of a good friend of ours named Frank Costello, who owned a favorite hangout of ours, Costello's Pub & Grub on Fox Lake, Illinois (Chain of Lakes).

We had heard that they had sold Coz's, but could this be a place of theirs?

We asked the bartender if this place was connected to Coz's and she said yes.  This Costelloe's was managed by Frank's brother's son, Tim.  We had intended to go to Fulgenzi's after that, but ended up staying a bit longer at Costelloe's.  (They added the last "e".)  Love those free peanuts.


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