Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Name Game in Chicago-- Part 2; Palmolive Building and Weegham Park

And, then there is the Aon Center which i still thought until this article was the Standard Oil Building or "Big Stan" as it was also called.  And even then, there were two other names in between.

What was one time Chicago's tallest building, the Palmolive Building has also been the Playboy Building and just 919 N. Michigan Avenue.

And, speaking of Michigan Avenue, it was once Michigan Boulevard or Boul Mich.  The stretch north of the Chicago River now called the Magnificent Mile, or Mag Mile was Pine Street at one time.

Wabash Avenue, north of the river was once Cass Street before a bridge made it a continuous thoroughfare.  The descendants of the late General Lewis Cass, a failed presidential candidate couldn't have been too happy about that.

And, even that Cub paradise, Wrigley Field, was actually Weegham Park before the chewing gum folks bought it and attached their name.

Well, Everything Changes (But I Still Don't Like It).  --RoadDog

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