Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Name Game in Chicago-- Part 1: Do You Have to Call Them By the New Name?

From the March 8, 2015, Chicago Tribune "Willis, Sears and the name game over titles, time" by Phil Rosenthal.

Phil says his grade-school kid calls it the Willis Tower while he trips over the name.  Like me.  And, I won't even call it that W.... Name.  it will always be the Sears Tower.  Chicago's tallest (and one-time tallest in the world) building is now for sale.  And, it's on Route 66, right in between Adams and Jackson streets.  Wonder what they will call it next?

But, names of things in Chicago have changed over the years and that will continue on always.

I agree, however, that the first name to a new place tends to stick.  When the old Chicago Stadium was torn down and replaced by the United Center, I have no trouble calling it the U.C..  However, not so with Sox Stadium.  When the original Comiskey Park (and still my favorite) was torn down, I would have called its replacement Comiskey regardless.  And it was called Comiskey Park at first until the name was sold to U.S. Cellular and now called that other name, often shorted to just the "Cell."

Other "New Names."  --RoadDog

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