Saturday, March 7, 2015

Route 66 News' Top Ten Rt. 66 Icons-- Part 4

16.  MUNGER-MOSS MOTEL. Lebanon, Missouri--  Our very-most favorite motel on Route 66.  Nothinhg like a stay with Ramona and Bob Lehman and a gab session.

17.  OLD CHAIN OF ROCKS BRIDGE,  St. Louis--  About the only way I can get Liz to go on a Missouri or Illinois motor tour is the chance to cross this old bridge.  What do you mean it takes 30 minutes to cross it?  Our very first time on Route 66 in 2002 as 66ers, I stopped at the Missouri Welcome Center and asked where it was.  The person just smiled and pointed behind me.  Duh!!

18.  TED DREWE'S FROZEN CUSTARD, St. Louis--  Almost didn't go here the first time by as there were huge lines, but they sure do move fast.  And, what about that brain freeze?

19.  BIG TEXAN STEAKHOUSE, Amarillo, Texas--  Go here or be square.  Didn't even try to eat that steak in that amount of time.  But, we did have steaks and sat in the big rocking chair.

20.  JACKRABBIT TRADING POST, Joseph City, Arizona--  A tourist trap is there ever was one.  And, we love those tourist traps and generally part with some money.  Love all the signs leading to up.  Reminds us of South of the Border on the SC/NC border.

Nice to Finally Start Getting East Route 66 places on the list.

Is It Spring Yet?   --RoadDog

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