Saturday, March 14, 2015

2015 Bald Eagle Trip-- Part 6: We See Eagles!

JANUARY 22, 2015, Thursday

Now, we are approaching the Army Corps of Engineers Lock & Dam #11, north of Dubuque sure hoping we'll get a chance to see some bald eagles, but you never know.  You can get shut out as has happened to us before.  Usually, if they are not at the edge of the ice, you can see them perched in the trees going up to the cliff behind us.  There is Eagle Point Park located at the top of the cliff.

Today, despite careful looking, there are no bald eagles.  I even went up on the the two-story lookout tower for a better  look at the ice on the Mississippi River.  Not overly cold, but the stiff breeze did make it uncomfortable after a short while.

I inquired of a guy sitting in his car (there are usually 5-10 eagle watchers by the locks). he said that he had seen one earlier, but it had flown off and not been back.

So, it was a rare shutout in the eagle department.

We drove along the levee top to the south end where there is a park and here we finally saw a bald eagle across the river, so we weren't shut out!!  We also saw a second one.

De Eagle, De Eagle.  --RoadDog

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