Monday, March 23, 2015

2015 Bald Eagle Update: March 23rd" Ozzy Hurt

Watching our fine-feathered friends by eagle cams.

SOUTHWEST FLORIDA:  Lots of stuff happening here.  The father, Ozzy (wife Harriett) was discovered near some railroad tracks, dazed and with a broken clavicle.  He was rescued just before a train hit him and is in the care of a group of raptor people..  They hope he will be able to return to the wild.

Harriett, in the meantime was very distraught to lose her mate.  She has also had to battle off a juvenile and a near-adult bald eagles who were interested in the nesting tree.  The eaglet, E-6 continues to grow and has been doing a lot of branching at higher and higher branches.  He/she is expected to fledge any day now.

After I wrote this, E-6 did fledge yesterday.

BERRY COLLEGE:  The two eaglets are fast approaching galoot stage and dealing with those huge talons which make movement difficult.

ALCOA:  Still on the one egg.

DECORAH:  Still on the three eggs.

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