Tuesday, December 10, 2013

N.C. Bound T-Giving 2013-- Part 4: A Route 66 Burger King

NOVEMBER 21ST: Gas in Morris, Illinois, was $3.10, but $2.99.9, ($3) with gas purchase. I still really hate Big Oil for making me think (and get excited) for seeing gas at $2.99.9. That is NOT CHEAP, like they'd love us to believe. I still wish I could find information about their quarterly profits which have to be absolutely HUGE!! //// South of Morris on Il-47 and passing Il-113 and sign to Coal City which was one of the places hit by last Sunday's tornadoes. //// Now that I have passed out of the reception area on the Drive, 97.1 FM and the A to Z Countdown, I popped the new Paul McCartney CD called "New" into the player. This is a mighty good album for someone 70+ of age. //// Stopped for one of those great new Burger King rib sandwiches at the BP station at Dwight by I-55. This was owned by Route 66 Hall of Famers Ambler-Becker after the old Marathon station dating back to the 1930s was rehabbed. This is probably the only Burger King you can eat at with a Route 66 theme. Of course, Route 66 used to go through Dwight, but now is Il-53 and Il-47. //// Having a Rib With 66. --RoadDog

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