Saturday, December 7, 2013

It Was 72 Years Ago: Pearl Harbor

Even though I didn't teach about Pearl Harbor for my first 13-15 years, I did after that. Rarely did I ever have any students (7th graders) who knew anything about it. I even once had a Pearl Harbor veteran come and speak to my classes about that Day of Infamy, the Greatest Generation's JFK Assassination. //// Today, I am writing the name of one American who died that day on each of my blogs. GERALD G. LEHMAN of Hancock, Michigan. On the USS Oklahoma. His remains were returned to Houghton County and reburied in 2010. //// I wrote about a New Hampshire man who also died on the Oklahoma that day whose body has been identified but not returned as of yet which is causing some big problems. It is in my World War II "Tattooed On Your Soul" Blog. //// The Greatest Generation.

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