Monday, December 16, 2013

Food Trails Reach Across the Country-- Part 3

Some other food trails worth eating: //// THE CONNECTICUT CHOCOLATE TRAIL identifies sweet shops where world-renowned chocolatiers and local artisans create handmade goodies. //// NEW HAMPSHIRE'S ICE CREAM TRAIL-- The state has more than 130 dairy farms and this trail spotlights 39 ice cream stands and shops offering locally-made you-know-what. I scream, you know the rest. //// THE APPLE PIE TRAIL in Orange County, New York. Includes more than a dozen orchards and farms producing 25 varieties of apples, many offering puick-your-own and fresh pies. I bet there's a few caramel apples, too. //// CALIFORNIA CHEESE TRAIL-- Over 50 miles in Sonomo and Marin copunties with two dozen cheese artisans offering farm and creamery tours. Hey, and tasting, too. Wisconsin is so jealous. //// FRUIT AND WINE TRAIL in Palisade, Colorado. Learn how fruirt, wine and farm products are grown, prepared and marketed. Known as the Peach Capital of Colorado, the area also produces apples, apricots, cherries, pears, plums, melons, chili peppers and more. //// Something Every State Tourisn Department Should Get Involved With. Nothing Like Eating Your Way Across a State. --RoadDog

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