Saturday, December 21, 2013

Don't Be the "Road Trip Bitch"

From the March 11, 2010, List Universe "10 Inexpensive Activities and Games." //// This is just one game of ten they mention that applied to driving down the road and is more geared for a bunch of teenage guys or 20-somethings. Not recommended for families. //// The game requires a silly hat, the sillier the better. Before departure, the driver designates things to be catalysts for the game. That would be something seen along the road, like a large white van, a car with a headlight out, state license plates, a certain sign o anything they might so choose. //// If the catalyst(s) is seen, someone yells it out and everyone, whether they've seen it or not, yells it and punches the car roof. The last one to do so becomes "The Trip Bitch" or "Car Bitch" and has to wear the silly hat. That hat must be worn at all times, even in restaurants and bathroom breaks. That person is also open to any and all ridicule. //// However, if said person is not the last one to yell and punch the roof the next time a catalyst is spotted, they're no longer the you-know-what and no longer have to wear that silly hat. Someone else gets the honor. //// Helps to Pass the Time. I Spy With My Little Eye.... --RoadDog

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