Monday, September 9, 2013

Neon Museum Spotlights Bygone Era of Las Vegas-- Part 2

In the 1980s a committee was formed to help rescue neon art from the rubble of the demolished hotels and casinos. Now, parts of 150 signs are displayed on a patch of land once known as Neon Gulch. Included in it is the original clam-shaped lobby of the historic La Concha Motel which has been renovated to serves as a greeting center. I remember this building and walked by it many times. If I recall, there was a tacky souvenir place attached to it. /// Some restored pieces are in the downtown streets, but at the Boneyard, the pieces remain rough and untouched. The tall pool-playing figure that was once at the Treasure Island Casino and the gold lamp that was at the Alladin Casino are there. ///

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