Monday, September 16, 2013

Goodbye Southern Belle in Mt. Olive, NC-- Part 2

I picked up a copy of the September 11th Mount Olive Messenger on the way in and found that the Southern Belle had front page headlines "Belle keepsakes offered for auction" by Josh Ellerbrock. /// Evidently, the Southern Belle's owner had been Gaynell Brock and there will be an auction this Thursday, September 19th at the old restaurant building. Persons who ate their over its 51 year history are invited to come and buy a memory. /// Proceeds from the auction will benefit the David Aaron Historical Museum in Mrs. Brock's name. Chairs, salt shakers, plates, cups and many other items are up for auction. /// Some of the more unique items like the old wooden painted sign depicting a 19th-century Southern belle are being given directly to the museum. /// During the auction, community members are encouraged to write down memories of the place, which will be collected by the Mount Olive Historical Society. /// The building will be torn down. /// Always Sad to Lose Something That Has Been Around That Long. --RoadDog

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